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For the tankcleaning company Cleaning Limburg located in Maastricht (south of the Netherlands) the wastewater treatment SEPTO biotechniek bv installed a good solution. The very polluted water, which is discharged from internal cleaning of roadtankers, is purified by a combination of biological treatment and membranes. The application of this innovative membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology ensures a large saving on the discharging costs.

At the moment tankcleaning company on the industrial area “Beatrixhaven” merged into Cleaning Limburg, a new "heavy duty" washing line with higher temperatures and pressures is installed. In this way a better quality of internal cleaning of roadtankers can be realised. With this renewal it became also necessary the improve the wastewater purification.

Broadened operation
The wastewater of Cleaning Limburg, which is discharged from the internal cleaning of roadtankers, is highly polluted and has a varying composition. In the past the wastewater was only treated by an flotation unit with chemical dosing. Septo Biotechniek bv built a biological wastewater treatment installation for Cleaning Limburg. Because of this Cleaning Limburg can handle more different chemicals than before. Refusing a roadtanker almost never happens anymore.

Good purification
The applied MBR technology can cope very well with the varying, highly contaminated wastewater. This leads to a stable operation. The design is made for a wastewater flow of 80 m³/day with a COD of approximately 10,000 mg/l. The first results show that the COD in the effluent is reduced to about 500 mg/l. This means a removal yield of 95%, and with that a reduction of the discharge costs of the same size.

Cleaning Limburg