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SEPTO biotechniek bv is specialised in the application of the membrane bioreactor (MBR) for industrial wastewater

Jeroen van den Beld, managing director Septo Biotechniek BV

SEPTO biotechniek bv designs and provides complete wastewater treatment installations for the industry. SEPTO specialises on wastewater with varying composition and a high polution. This type of wastewater can be successfully purified in the membrane bioreactor, which results in reduction of discharging costs.

The MBR is a compact wastewater purification technology, which combines biological treatment with membrane filtration. Contaminants in the wastewater are mineralised in the bioreactor to CO2 and water. The purified water is separated from the biomass by means of membrane filtration.

The MBR-system differs from conventional systems for biological wastewater treatment by the very good effluent quality, the compact design, limited sludge production and low maintenance.
SEPTO biotechniek is specialist in the field of membrane bioreactors. Much knowledge has been collected by carrying out applied field research for both medium sized companies as well as industries like the Dutch Oil Company (NAM) and Hoechst. This knowledge is used for designing full-scale water purification installations.